Date Theme People
2009 Grenada Peter Seupel
2009 Thailand
2009 Sharm El Sheikh
2007 Bali
2005 Maldives
2003 Sharm general pictures
Underwater shots - Naama
Underwater shots - Other
Underwater shots - awesome Shark / Yolanda
Underwater shots - portrait format
Oceanic White Tip Shark at Dunraven
Friends in Sharm Instructors, DM's and other people that live and work in Sharm
2002 December "Ingrid's Ducklings" Open Water Course Ingrid, Jess, Rupert, Marcel, Pete, Brian
2003 March Scots Steve, Nahida, Sandie, Alan, Neil
2003 March Liam's Open Water Course Cathy, Louise
2003 May-July Sudents and visitors Alexei, Colin, Rudi
Jamie and his girls Jamie
Map of Ras Ghazlani (in the style of the dive guide book)

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